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Testing Sugar 0.106

This page contains information and resources for testing this Sugar release.

What should I test?

  • new features, such as social help, brightness controls and frame icon for display, journal and activity list scrolling, and start an activity from another activity, see feature list for links to individual feature pages,
  • control panel, escape key to exit,
  • control panel, about my computer, speed up, layout, information shown,
  • activity erase should correctly expose a system activity still installed #4836,
  • occasional activity failed to start should no longer occur #2974,
  • activity startup with old activity.info format.

Testing with updates


For Fedora systems such as the XO laptop, using operating system release 13.x, update only the Sugar packages, like this:

yum update sugar*


For commodity hardware or virtual machines, install 0.106 using Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.2.

For Ubuntu Trusty systems tracking 0.104 packages, update all packages, like this:

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade


For Debian Jessie systems, see How to test Sugar 0.105.3 on Debian Jessie.

Testing with images

OLPC did release OLPC OS 13.2.5 with Sugar 0.106. Please see the release notes for 13.2.5.

We have older Sugar Labs images with Sugar 0.105.1. These are "clean" images, with no customization. These images are NOT signed by OLPC, therefore you need an unlocked XO for installing these images.