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What is Fusion Linux?

Fusion Linux is Linux distribution that has desktop usability, ease of use and latest features as top priority. Guiding principles behind this Fedora Remix are; “Beyond Upstream” and “Multimedia Out of the Box”. You can also think of it as a “Pimp My Ride” version of Fedora! Fusion Linux is created by Valent Turkovic but it is also a community project.

Fusion Linux is a completely free and open-source, Linux based operating system and a Fedora Remix. It is an installable Live DVD/USB image that includes multimedia functionality out of the box with added desktop tweaks for better usability and additional software. The Live image can be installed to your hard disk. Fusion Linux is 100% compatible with Fedora, and includes packages from Fedora and RPM Fusion software repositories with some additional custom packages



Fusion Linux 16 64 bit Beta

  • Fusion Linux 16 64 bit Beta (December 2, 2011)
  • Basically F16 with many additions
GNOME Shell 3.2.1
Sees wireless AP; AD-Hoc and jabber.sugarlabs.org

DVD Boots MacBook Pro i7

Install to HD and 16 GB USB stick

  • Works fine

Add Sugar-Desktop

  • Add/Remove Software
Search sugar
select all but sugar-browse
  • sugar 0.94.1-1.fc16

Fusion Linux 15

  • Built with liveusb-creator (included in install) from fusionlinux16-64 HD install with command:
LiveUSB-Creator --reset-mbr
on 8 GB USB stick
  • GNOME 3.0.1

Add Sugar-Desktop

  • sugar-0.92.4-2.fc15