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Hi! I'm a participant of Google Code-in 2015 and have chosen Sugar Labs as my organization. I go to a online highschool so I was interested in the education platform that Sugar provides. I really like that sugar is so accessible and can run without internet and expensive hardware. I have interests in music, web development, and education!


Sugarizer Client development environment

I set up the Sugarizer development environment and set up a "Hello, World" activity. I've never dealt with JSON, so I'm glad I got some exposure.

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JSON

Music Blocks: Tone.js 2

I learned about synthesizers, Tone.js, and how Music Blocks (a Sugar activity) worked. This is the first time I've really spent a lot of time reading through code documentation, so I think this was beneficial experience.

Language used: Javascript

Music Blocks: Tone.js 1

I did some more work with Music Blocks and Tone.js to figure out a way to play notes outside of the 12 note chromatic scale. Music Blocks by default rounds frequencies had required this in order to be able to convert notes into music notation, using a program called LilyPond. I've never thought about math behind converting frequency (in Hertz) to letter notation.

Language used: Javascript

Git introduction

I've never really used github before so was good for me to get a broad introduction on it before I do any forks and pulls to the coding tasks here.