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Trying to use SOAS strictly for the typing tutor program. Some issues:

Only 2 forums available:

  1. does not contain a special place for SOAS. For a big project, it should have it's own discussion area
  2. also doesn't contain a special place for SOAS. In fact, it only has about 20 posts that mention SOAS altogether

With criticism goes suggestions:

  1. Sugar Labs needs a forum area. One of the sections needs to be dedicated to SOAS
  2. Please LINK the forum to your menu on the left. Putting it under get help is clunky.

I'm putting this here because I don't want to join a list and I have no place that is obvious to post the info. Maybe someone, someday, will see it.

For now, I will fumble through trying to figure out how to stick files on my SOAS thumbdrive image. Apparently, you can't just take the thumbdrive, put it into a windows machine and copy files over. I suspect I have to use a second thumbdrive and access it through the friendly unix system and copy files over. Ugh.