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Sugar is a great way to learn different things. It's like other OS like Windows, OS X, and other Linux distros. Today we are learning about an activity, Browser.

Making your own stick

Let's get starting making our own Sugar on a stick! First of all, you need a disc image of Sugar, that you can find here: x86_64 : i686(32-bit) :

Instructions for making SoaS

After you have downloaded Sugar's .iso files, download live-usb creator from here and install it.

Installing Live-USB Creator

Then run it!

You can browse for a disc image and select it to make a stick or you can download it from internet.

Browsing for a disc image
Downloading a disc image

Select a target device - here it is F:

Selecting target device.

Move the Persistent Storage slider to set the capacity to use for storing changes(It is important to set Persistent Memory so that your work is saved between sessions.)

Then just click on "Create Live USB".

Creating a stick!

All Done! You can now use SoaS

Browser - A browser for everyone

Browser is like other browsers available on internet. It is inbuilt with Sugar. So, let's get started. Browser is a very simple, basic, easy-to-use web browser made for everyone, from students to adults. It consists a bunch of features. It can be found on the main page i.e the app spiral.

Main Page


Browser has many features, like back, forward, home, bookmars. On the top middle, you will find an address bar. It default value will be sugar lab's offline fileystem page, which will be opened whenever you start your first session. Address-bar is editable, so you can change it some address and go for it.


Then there are the navigation buttons, next to address bar. They can be used to get back or forward from a webpage or to a webpage.

Navigation Buttons

The bookmarks button is next to navigation buttons. You can bookmark any page so you can access them easily.

Bookmark Button

You can manage tabs too like to add tabs, close them etc.


Home button is on the left of addressbar, used to get to home webpage with only one click. Wherever you are, just click it, and you will be back at your homepage.

How-to use

When you open Browser from app wheel, the main screen will be like this.

Main Page

Let's start from the address bar. Type in a website like, you will be navigated to Google.

Bookmark Button

You can also create another tab by pressing the + button. in that page, now type another URL (here I will use, then press enter, you will be navigated to YouTube.

Working with another tab

You can switch between tabs by pressing on the tab you want to go to. You can close a tab by pressing the close button on a specific tab you want to close.

Now, let's understand the navigation buttons. Suppose your homepage is, then on the same tab, visit some other website, now if you want to go back to, just press the back key, and if you want to go back to the website from which you pressed back, press the forward key. This is how navigation works. Similarly, you can use home button to go wherever you want.

You can zoom-in a webpage, zoom-out a webpage, view browser in full screen by viewing tools.

Zoom-in/out, Full Screen

You can save it to your journal.

You can save bookmark by clicking on bookmark (star) button, and then you can view it by unhiding the tray from view menu.


Your bookmarks will be shared automatically if you enable to "My Neighborhood"



Browser can be used in many ways, like to study various type things. For example, if you want to know something about milk, just search it on browser about milk and you will get all you information. If you want some video-guide, just open YouTube on browser and search for that video-guide

Browser can be used in for many helpful ways for children. Like, children can learn different things, like if they want to learn a poem or want to to a science project they can search for it on browser and can get information from it.


I did not encounter with any bugs.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit