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Run Sugar in VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a virtual machine, a software implementation of a computer. You can use VirtualBox to run Sugar on most computers.


There are three steps to the process: (1) downloading and installing VirtualBox for your computer; (2) downloading a Sugar virtual image (also known as a virtual appliance); and (3) launching Sugar in VirtualBox.

Installing Virtual Box

First you must download VirtualBox from (Be sure to choose the correct version for the operating system on your computer, e.g., Windows, GNU/Linux, MAC OS, etc.).

Screenshot 1.jpg

After download, you have to install it by following the instructions for your OS on the VirtualBox website.

Downloading Sugar

Download the Sugar image from Sugar_Creation_Kit/VirtualBox#v6_Pineapple (Pineaple is the latest version of Sugar on a Stick.)

Be sure to choose the .vmdk file, which is the version that runs in Virtual Box.

Screenshot 3.jpg

Installing Sugar as a virtual machine

After you download that you need to make new virtual machine in VirtualBox.

Screenshot 4.jpg

Click on the New icon. Then type in a name for your virtual machine; choose Linux and Fedora; and then click Next.

Screenshot 5.jpg

Then choose your Memory Size and click Next.


Choose Use an existing virtual hard drive file; browse to your downloaded Sugar virtual machine and click Create.

Screenshot 7.jpg

Running Sugar as a virtual machine

Click Start.


After you click Start you will get this screen. Type Enter.


After load you need to install Sugar. Follow these steps:


At first screen click Forward.


Again click Forward.


Set Data and Time and click Forward.


Fill the fields and click Forward.


At Hardware Profile click Finish.


Now you can Login.


Click on the XO logo to change its color. And click Done.


And finish. Now you can use Sugar. :)