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This is the interview I conducted with Ms. Jamie Pilgrim about the open-source educational tool called Kahoot.

Q: How do you use Kahoot?

A: As review for a large section of content that we have learned. It’s a fun, less stressful way to see where everyone is at with the material that’s been covered. If there are areas I see students where majority of the class didn’t know the answer, I know that’s a good part to have a more through review on.

Q: How often do you use Kahoot in a classroom setting?

A: I just started using it, but the first round was a great success. So I’m looking to make it a regular thing by having one at least once a month.

Q: Is your experience using Kahoot generally positive or negative?

A: Very positive. Even when students get something wrong I am impressed with how easily they can brush it off.

Q: Are there any problems that you have encountered while using Kahoot?

A: Figuring out the platform at first took some time and tinkering with, but overall it has been easy to create quizzes and have students participate.

Q: If there are problems that you have encountered, what do you think could be the solutions?

A: Perhaps a walkthrough on the features of the game, especially for first time game creators. I feel like I am still uncovering some of the really great features the site has to offer.

Q: Does your class generally enjoy using Kahoot?

A: Absolutely, it’s a huge success and I can better gauge where students are without having to have them sit though a quiz or test.