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If you want to create custom images, see the documentation of the Dextrose build system.


Feedback from the entire community is appreciated.

Reporting bugs upstream

If you know the specific upstream project that contains the bug, please file your report into their bug tracker:

When you file a bug on any component which affects Dextrose, please bring it to our attention by marking it with the "dextrose" keyword and by Cc'ing the Dextrose Release Manager.

Reporting bugs specific to Dextrose

You can file bugs specific to Dextrose in the Sugar Labs bug tracker and assign them to component "Dextrose". You can use this component when you're in doubt, the maintainers will reassign it to the correct component.

Before you file a new bug, please check the Summary of all bugs affecting Dextrose to avoid duplicates. You can comment on existing bugs to provide additional details.

Test plans

We currently don't have a formal test plan for Dextrose. We're looking for someone to help us coordinate our QA effort. These are some useful starting points: