Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-07-08

SLOBs Meeting

2020-07-08 at 20:00 UTC

Attendance: Devin, Claudia, James, Walter, and Ibiam

Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison)

No Report

Reports from Ombudsman

No Report (James has not heard from Ombudsman)

any reports from project teams, Google Summer of Code

All the evaluations have been completed.

Some students treat GSoC like a job, and do not try new things.

Music Blocks code is getting much cleaner and easier to read.

Acknowledge Recycle USB

Report by Walter Bender

From email: > I was asked by Recycle USB (https://www.recycleusb.com/), the > organization that periodically sends us USB keys in bulk to > distribute, if we could put some sort of ACK on our website. Would > like to discuss this with the board at the next meeting. > > FWIW, I just got a batch of 5000 8gig USB keys, suitable for > distributing SOAS et al. from Recycle USB.

Discussion: It would be best if we could have a method for distributing these USB keys.

It may be nice to partner with an org, such as FSF for small scale distribution. (Walter and Devin to reach out to FSF contacts.)

Music Blocks in Peru

Report by Walter Bender

From email: > Not sure it merits discussion at the SLOB meeting, but I wanted to > give everyone a heads up that the ministry of education in Peru will > be distributing on the order of 800000 Android tablets to children in > the coming months. They will be including Music Blocks (translated > into Aymara and Quechua). I've been discussing the possibility of > including Sugarizer in future releases as well.

Discussion: Update from Walter: They need an Android app. Lionel will help Walter with this.

Link from Lionel on the Sugarizer Cordova Packager: www.github.com/llaske/sugarizer-apkbuilder

James and Ibiam Sugar Activity Job

Going to meet soon now that James is feeling better.

Methods for Engaging to Board


Walter mentions that others may want to attend the board meeting.

James suggested that it helps our productivity when the board meets privately.

Claudia suggests that every other meeting could be available to the public via open invitation.

Devin suggests that the agenda be published on the wiki before the meeting.

Devin also says that we need to be careful, when using Jitsi, that no unwanted intruders come to the meeting (i.e. Zoom bombing)

James says that not very many members have responded to request for who would like to attend the board meetings.

Ibiam suggests that maybe we use IRC for the open-invitation meetings.

GSoC Feature Share

Lionel | Sugarizer

Deployment of new servers via easy code

Walter | Music Blocks

  • Input via MIDI keyboard
  • Musical staff as a graph (like cartesian)
  • Export JS


  • Students are "chugging along".
  • Students working on engagement with Debian -- needs to reach out to Debian again.
  • Students are amazing. Observation that some students do not have opportunity to innovate.

time of next meeting

Meeting on 2020-07-22

Agenda to be published at https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/Meeting_Minutes-2020-07-22 (then overwritten with the minutes at meeting)