School Network/Open Build Service


This patched Sugar Labs instance of the Open Build Service (OBS) has the following intentions:

  • Be a convenient instrument to create 3rd party repositories with native packages for all supported GNU/Linux distributions.


    This is an API site, all OBS clients use it to get access to OBS. There is no need to work with the site directly, although that is possible.
    This is an original OBS Web client. It is intended to be used only by people who need to create native packages, i.e., it is not needed for most Sugar developers assuming that Sugar Network will process building procedures in unattended mode.


See original manuals and materials to learn more about what functionality OBS provides.

On top of original OBS behavior, the Sugar Labs instance brings the following new features and common practices.

Special projects

There is a special project, named base; it contains all GNU/Linux distributions that are supported on OBS. All other projects, that are intended for building packages, need to inherit repositories from this project.

GNU/Linux distribution agnostic packages

Instead of using spec files of packages to be built against for every GNU/Linux distribution, it is possible to use a special spec file that will be used as-is in all platforms that Sugar Labs OBS supports.

To create such distro-agnostic packages,

  • upload a sweets.recipe file in special notation to OBS package;
  • upload .tar.gz sources with filename composed using sweets.recipe fields:

After that, OBS will start building submitted package on all attached OBS repositories.

Resolve packages

There is new API command that might be used to resolve package names and package dependencies on a particular OBS platform.

GET /resolve?project=PROJECT&repository=REPOSITORY&arch=ARCH&package=PACKAGE[&withdeps][&exclude=PACKAGE]


    identification of particular OBS package;
  • withdeps
    include dependencies graph of the PACKAGE;
  • exclude
    restrict dependency graph from bottom side.

For example,

Will output:

  <binary name="pygame" url="" />
  <binary name="SDL" url="" />
  <binary name="SDL_mixer" url="" />
  <binary name="SDL_image" url="" />
  <binary name="numpy" url="" />
  <binary name="SDL_ttf" url="" />
  <binary name="portmidi" url="" />
  <binary name="libmikmod" url="" />
  <binary name="libgfortran" url="" />
  <binary name="python-nose" url="" />
  <binary name="python-setuptools" url="" />
  <binary name="atlas" url="" />


The Open Build Service works underneath the Sugar Network, processing software content uploaded to Sugar Network, thus, the Sugar Network Policy is inherited.