Supporting distributions

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  • These are links to each distro on the sugarlabs wiki where sugar has been installed; with notes
Please note:
Development changes occur rapidly, and the documentation here lags the current state of systems development.
For the latest information on any development project, visit their work sites.
Logo Name Latest
Fedora-small.jpg Fedora 0.100.2 Primary distribution for Sugar (fedora 20)
Soas-avocado.svg Sugar on a Stick 0.100.0 Live CD/USB of Sugar Learning Environment
OLPCXO.png OLPC 0.98.7 Build 13.2.0 - Prepared for XO laptops
Suse-small.jpg openSUSE 0.96.2 Part of the Linux for Education (Li-f-e) series
Mageia-2011.png Mageia 0.95.1 Forked from Mandriva
Trisquel icon.png Trisquel 0.94.1 Based on Ubuntu 11.10
Question.png Harmonic Distribution 0.94.1 See also Sweets Distribution and Sugar Network
Elementary.png ElementaryOs 0.94.1 Based on Ubuntu 10.10 & Sweets Distribution
Tuquito-label.png Tuquito 0.94.1 Based on Ubuntu 10.10 & Sweets Distribution
Fusion.png Fusion Linux 0.94.1 Remix of Fedora 16 with GNOME 3.2.1
LMD-small.png Linux Mint 0.94.1 mint 13 & mint 14 Using Sweets Distribution
Dextrose-mascotte-120x96.png Dextrose 0.92.4 Prepared for XO laptops
Debian-small.jpg Debian 0.88.1
LMD-small.png Linux Mint Debian Edition 0.88.1
Ubuntu-small.jpg Ubuntu 0.88.1 0.94.1* * Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 using Sweets Distribution
Mandriva-small.png Mandriva 0.88.0