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Global Education Conference 15-19 November 2010

The 2010 Global Education Conference will be held November 15 - 19, 2010, online and free - I am wondering how much Sugar community support I could get if I proposed a Sugar session, It would mean that before the session attendees would need to download Sugar on a Stick, I think it would be good if we had community involved and able to help with running it in more than just English and helping people, anyone want to be involved?

I am thinking of proposing an open discussion, where people who have tried downloading Sugar on a Stick and using it give us feedback on their experience and can ask questions of the Sugar community. If people are having installation problems we divert them to IRC channel (maybe #sugar-newbies) for instant support, and keep the elluminate session focused on education benefits, suggestions, etc.

So far we have English and Hindi listed, thanks Manu for offering support for this session and bringing your experience with grade 6 and 7 in New Delhi Sugar on a Stick deployment.