0.82/0.81.1 Notes

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Sucrose 0.81.1

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • Fix strings translation (Tomeu)
  • Fix several pylint complaints (Marco)


  • #6473 Better method to resolve handles to buddies (Morgs)
  • Make the list of XO colors public (Simon)
  • Hack in bundlebuilder to work without a .git directory (Marco)
  • Support for lazy palette creation (Marco)


  • Diverse icon fixes (Eben)


  • Key bindings for scrollable views (Tomeu)
  • Show a set of default activities in the home view ring (Tomeu)
  • Nicer battery palette (Martin Dengler)


  • suspend UI process while inactive (do not hog CPU when in background)
  • fixed international keyboard input
  • many more strings translatable
  • errors get logged in regular log file via stdout
  • faster project loading
  • Pango text rendering support (experimental)
  • and many more minor fixes and improvements

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Eben fixed the appearance of activity bundles.
  • Pootle brought us an update of the translation to Italian.
  • Update the results view only when the journal is the active activity.



  • ACK received messages (cassidy)
  • Handle pending messages when setting the message handler (cassidy)


  • Updated translations: zh_TW, de, it


  • UI Change: Merge multiple sequential messages from same author (morgs)
  • Updated translation: ar (pootle)
  • #6561: Fix RTL message alignment (Arabic) (khaled)


  • #5053: Reduce white space around boxes (morgs)
  • #6621: set entry sensitive not editable (morgs)
  • Add license to activity.py (morgs)
  • #6743: border around gtk.entry (morgs)
  • Reduce telepathy code based on improved PS channel creation API (morgs)
  • Open URLs via show_object_in_journal (morgs)
  • Update pippy metadata based on Pippy (morgs)
  • Updated translations (pootle)


  • i18n improvement: the activity has a POT file now (sayamindu)


  • First round of pylint fixes (erikos)
  • Fix typo #6962 (DanKrejsa)
  • Fix onStateChange for downloads #6962 (DanKrejsa)
  • s/Open/Show in Journal #5958 (erikos)
  • A lot of new translations


no news this cycle


no news this cycle

sugar-jhbuild branch

We created a special sugar-jhbuild branch for this release containing the tarballs. You can try it out like this:

git clone git://dev.laptop.org/sugar-jhbuild
cd sugar-jhbuild
git checkout --track -b sucrose-0.81.1 origin/sucrose-0.81.1
./sugar-jhbuild update
./sugar-jhbuild build