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Sucrose 0.81.5


This is Release Candidate 1. Now we have one more release to go before code freeze ( see the schedule). Many fixes have been going into this development release and we hope that they help to stabilize a lot. Please test and give feedback and file bugs you find.


Special thanks for their help goes to Martin Dengler, Benjamin Berg, Daniel Drake and Jameson Quinn and our always reliable partner the Etoys team. Also, all the translation teams have contributed wonderful work to this release.

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • #5136 Keep error alert hard to find
  • #6014 Shutdown should sync activities data
  • #7532 install + open content bundles with journal
  • #7523 library index regeneration fails due to no XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • #4208 Battery indicator's icon fullness inconsistent with indicator %.
  • #7444 cannot close a shared activity when the initiator has disconnected
  • #7430 Favorites view is not preserved
  • #7434 Control panel UI for power management.
  • #5079 Could simplify sharing code


  • #7546 Activity launcher fails to show when launching from the journal
  • #5664 Copying formatted text out of Browse breaks Journal/clipboard interaction
  • #7385 Change the accelerator for switching between views in the home level
  • #7249 Device ordering in Frame is not fixed
  • #7510 Control Panel 'About Me' incorrectly keeps a name edit when you choose to Cancel out
  • #7071 Activities cannot be deleted via GUI
  • #4208 Battery indicator's icon fullness inconsistent with indicator %.
  • #7430 Favorites view is not preserved
  • #7434 Control panel UI for power management.


  • #7451: Presence Service should start even with no interfaces up


  • Etoys uses tubes now (#4539)
  • Pango speed up (#7349).
  • Clipboard fix (#7439)


  • #7152 journal slowness: scrolling
  • #3958 Journal activity icon's pencil "fools" people into thinking it is a text editor
  • #6639 Journal can't resume activity bundles using another activity
  • #7441 no visual feedback on Erase
  • #7487 Do not decorate the object chooser
  • #7482 Object chooser has wrong icon for 'cancel'

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Updated translations: zh_TW, ja


  • #7564 Browse-filepicker: Remove file from list of files to delete after deleting it
  • Language updates: Chinese, Japanese

Fructose modules bundled