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The Terminal is an Activity that allows you to control your computer directly from a command line, similar to the Terminal program in Mac OS X or the Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows.

Terminal 084.png

What is new for users

New features for users include

  • Better support for drag and drop into the terminal
  • Changing the user into root is easier (for supported systems)

What is new for developers

No news

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

The following languages have been added and updated during the 0.84 release cycle

  • fi
  • tr
  • pt
  • sw
  • cs
  • sv
  • sk
  • hu
  • bi
  • he
  • ug
  • ms
  • cpp
  • mi

Detailed changes

  • The root shell is now a login shell (with the appropriate environment variables, etc set)
  • Drop support (Cortland Setlow)
  • Shortcut issues fixed (Martin Dengler)
  • Default font size changed