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Recent additions

Recent additions include:

Activity Description
Dr. Geo Dr. Geo is an interactive geometry activity. Dr. Geo allows one to create geometric figure plus the interactive manipulation of such figure in respect with their geometric constraints. It is usable in teaching situation with students from primary or secondary level. It is simple and effective with some unique features as scripting and Smalltalk programming.
Pukllanapac A puzzle: Move the pieces until the circles are all solid circles.
Constellations Flash Cards This program teaches the constellations by means of a flash-card-like interface. The program draws a constellation and the student has to pick the correct name from a list of five possible choices.
gtranslator A Sugarized version of the translation file editor "Gtranslator" The GTranslator activity allows to translate the po files locally. This should allow users without a permanent Internet access to translate off-line the localization files downloaded from the Pootle translation server and to contribute to the localization of Sugar to their own language.
Words A multi-lingual dictionary with speech synthesis.
VNC Launcher This activity helps you broadcast your screen to another computer. It will automatically launch a VNC server (X11vnc) and display your IP address. You can then connect and view the screen of Sugar on another conmputer using any VNC client (e.g. TigerVNC, UltraVNC Viewer, RealVNC, etc).
Sun Moon Music Sun-Moon Music MC - Realtime Sonic Environments for Children, Multiple MIDI Controller version. Collaborative exploration and performance encouraged. Requires 1 or more MIDI controllers. This version of Sun-Moon Music is especially designed for collaborative exploration and performance. All MIDI control devices must be set to the same channel.
Get Books The Get Books activity lets users search and retrieve books from a variety of sources (Internet Archive, Feedbooks, etc). It supports the OPDS protocol for book discovery.
Star Chart This activity will display a map of the sky showing the position of the visible stars, some of the larger and brighter deep-sky objects (DSOs), the "classical" planets, the sun and the moon.
XaoS XaoS is an interactive fractal zoomer. It allows the user to continuously to zoom in or out of a fractal in a fluid, continuous motion. This capability makes XaoS great for exploring fractals, and it’s just plain fun!
Turtle Art Mini Turtle Art Mini is a simple graphical programming environment. It is modeled on the Logo programming language and it emphasized graphical expression by learners new to programming. (Turtle Art Mimi is a subset of the Turtle Art activity – AKA Turtle Blocks)
Super Tux A Sugar clone of the Super Tux game.
Abacus Abacus is a simple, customizable abacus activity for Sugar.
Slide rule Sliderule is a simple, customizable slide rule activity for Sugar.

New experimental activities

These are activities under development that may be of interest to Sugar users: