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Status: Prototype
v1.0.0 released 2017-05-09
Group Members: Brian Sandon, Megan Smith, Jacob Westerback
Fractionator is a game that teaches the understanding of fraction equivalence and order. The Game was made at Rochester Institute of Technology. In this game, the player is asked to rearrange the cards from smallest to largest values based on the fractions and or images on the cards. There are several options available to play the game.
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Fractionator is a game for fourth graders focusing on the topic of fractions. The game teaches the extended understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering. Players are asked to place visualizations of fractions in the correct order.

On Easy mode fractions are displayed as “pies” which makes it easy for the player to rearrange the cards from least to most filled in “pie”. Medium mode introduces fractions, displayed with a number over a number, along with the “pie” cards. This makes the player think a bit more about the order of the cards. Hard mode has only fractions and no “pie” cards. This mode gives no visual representation of the fraction on each card.

There is a Standard Mode and a Timed Mode in the game. The Standard Mode allows the player to play the game without the stress of being timed. Timed Mode times the player which allows the player to see how fast they can think and complete a round.

Fractionator was made in the IGME.582 ( Humanitarian FOSS Development ) class at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Current Status

The code is available at [1]. However, no stable builds have yet been deployed to the Sugar server.

  • Active development still in progress
  • Prototype v1.0

To Do

As mentioned above this project is not fully deployed. One of our main goals will be to make a push request back to the original project and get the project hosted. Any further bugs or enhancements we are working on can be found in issues.

Note: We have not really been keeping this up to date.

Resources and Links

GitHub Repository



Fractionator is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license