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The Pen Palette (cyan)

examples (2)

TA-pensize-example.png TA-pencolor-example.png TA-penshade-example.png TA-fill-example.png

descriptions (2)

TA-penup.svg Pen Up turtle will not draw when moved
TA-pendn.svg Pen Down turtle will draw when moved
TA-setpensize.png Set Pen Size (number) set size of the line drawn by the turtle
TA-setpencolor.png Set Pen Color (number) set color of the line drawn by the turtle
TA-setpenshade.png Set Pen Shade (number) set shade of the line drawn by the turtle
TA-settextcolor.png Set Text Color (number) set color of text drawn by the turtle
TA-settextsize.png Set Text Size (number) set size of text drawn by turtle
TA-penfill.png Fill Screen(color,shade) fills the background with (color, shade)
TA-pensize.svg Pen size
TA-pencolor.svg Pen color
TA-penshade.svg Pen shade
TA-textsize.svg Text size
TA-textcolor.svg Text color

Colors and shades are represented by a number from 0 through 99. Using a number outside of this range is allowed, and will cause the value to be "wrapped around" (via a modulo, or "clock arithmetic" operation) to the 0 – 99 range. Color specifies a hue and shade specifies an admixture of white or black to the color.