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The Sensors Palette (red)

THIS INFOMATION IS OUT OF DATE, SEE Activities/Turtle_Art#Sensors_Palette

examples (4)


TA-myfunc-example.png TA-status-zero.png

descriptions (4)

TA-querykb.svg query for keyboard input results stored in keyboard block
TA-keyboard.svg keyboard input holds results of query-keyboard block
TAMyblock.svg user-definable code This block runs code found in the module found in the Journal and editable in Pippy. Use the load Pippy button TAPippyButton.svg on the Save/Load toolbar to load your custom module. The block changes appearance once Python code is loaded. TA-python-code-loaded.svg
TA-myfunc.png my function a programmable block: add your own math equation in the block, e.g., sin(x)
TA-hres.svg horizontal size the canvas width
TA-vres.svg vertical size the canvas height
TA-push.svg push push value onto FILO (first-in last-out) heap
TA-pop.svg pop pop value off FILO
TA-showheap.svg show heap show FILO in status block at bottom of canvas
TA-emptyheap.svg empty heap empty FILO

These additional blocks are available in the experimental version of Turtle Art

TA-volume.svg volume microphone input volume
TA-pitch.svg pitch microphone input pitch
TA-voltage.svg voltage (OLPC XO-1 only)
TA-resistance.svg resistance (OLPC XO-1 only)

More details on how to use the sensors can be found in Tony Forster's blog and on the Measure Activity page.