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The Turtle Palette (green)

examples (1)

TA-forward-example.png TA-back-example.png TA-forward-right-example.png TA-arc-example.png TA-seth-example.png TA-heading-example.png TA-show-example.png TA-text-example.png TA-image-example.png

descriptions (1)

TA-clean.png Clean clear the screen and reset the turtle to center, pointed up (pen down, bright red)
TA-forward.png Forward (number) move turtle forward
TA-back.png Back (number) move turtle backward
TA-left.png Left (angle in degrees) turn turtle counterclockwise
TA-right.png Right (angle in degrees) turn turtle clockwise
TA-arc.png Arc (angle in degrees,radius) move turtle along an arc
TA-setxy.png Setyx (xcor, ycor) move turtle to position (xcor, ycor) [(0, 0) is in the center of the screen.]
TA-seth.png Seth (heading) set the heading of the turtle [0 is towards the top of the screen.]
TA-show.svg Show (media) draw text, images, or play sounds
TA-setscale.svg Set scale (media) Set the scale of images
TA-container.svg Container Load a media object from the Journal (plugs into the Show block)
TA-xcoor.png X coordinate holds current x-coordinate value of the turtle (can be used in place of a number block)
TA-ycoor.png Y coordinate holds current y-coordinate value of the turtle (can be used in place of a number block)
TA-heading.png Heading holds current heading value of the turtle (can be used in place of a number block)
TA-scale.svg Scale holds current scale value

Turtle state values (can plug into a parameter):

  • X, Y – Zeros for each are at center screen. Negative values are left and down; positive values are right and up.
  • Heading – Zero is pointed up. Heading is in degrees clockwise.
  • Angles are degrees from 0 to 360 (for larger values and smaller values all multiples of 360 are subtracted or added to get the value into the range 0..360).
Examples: 90 means a right angle (90 degrees), clockwise; –30 means a 30-degree angle, counterclockwise