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The Sugar Activity Library leverages volunteer reviewers/editors to look over pending and nominated activities for publication on the site. With the launch of (ASLO) and the sandbox, aspects of this role have changed significantly.

In ASLO, anyone is considered a reviewer. Users can install activities as soon as the author submits them. We hope that these users will then return to write a review of their experience with the activity, whether it be good or bad.

What's an editor?

Editors have access to the queue of pending and nominated activities, and their main role is to assess the existing reviews and determine whether the activity should be pushed to the public side based on criteria in the Policy.

What should an editor do?


Q: How does one 'feature' an activity?
A: Go to

  1. Start typing the activity name (you should type at least 4 characters) to edit the entry which belongs to the proper category.
  2. Choose the full activity name from the popup list,
  3. or enter the activity id in this format: [<activity_id>]