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Sugar Digest

1. Microsoft To Open Source Windows was the April Fools' Day spoof announcement that got more press, but Sam Greenfeld's spoof is a lot less obvious and a lot more engaging (See the email thread: Possible XO Graphics Optimization Technique).

2. I have been fielding input regarding the 4th Grade Math project and the Sugar math collection. There are still some missing activities, but it is by-and-large a rich list. Next, we need to fill in the table correlating the activities with the curricula goals. Please contribute.

3. Compare the relative interest of XO and Justin Bieber in Uruguay and Mexico. While there is obviously a vast difference in access to XOs between the two countries, it raises the question of whether we can use measures such as these as an indicator of how access to computing changes culture, and it suggests another tool we can use in assessing impact.

In the community

4. Sugar will be at Linux Tag (See Marketing_Team/Events/LinuxTag2011).

Help Wanted

5. Chris Leonard sent a note to the Localization list requesting help transferring strings to Glucose 0.92. Please see his email for details.

Tech Talk

6. Dextrose 2.0 has been released. Many thanks to Ceibal, Educa Paraguay, Activity Central, and the Sugar community.

7. While OLPC continues its work on XO 1.75, an ARM-based version of the laptop, community members have been experimenting with Sugar on other ARM platforms. William Schaub has Sugar running on a Genesi Efika MX smartbook and Samy Boutayeb has Sugar running on the Toshiba AC100.

Sugar Labs

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