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Sugar Digest

"Teaching is means making people learn what you want them to learn. Sharing is finding out what interests people and helping them to learn whatever it is they want." –Eben Moglen quoting a youth in a Bangalore slum

1. Raul Gutierrez Segales, Bernie Innocenti, Luke Faraone, Stefan Unterhauser (Dogi) attended a mini Sugar Camp at my house this week. (Daniel Drake helped remotely.) We set our sights on eliminating Hippo Canvas from Sugar in preparation for an eventual migration to GNOME 3 and better accessibility support. (Hippo is no longer supported by Fedora, so one way or another, we will want to remove that dependency.)

We've concentrated on the sugar-toolkit and sugar libraries; we'll look at the Sugar activities with Hippo Canvas dependencies in a second iteration.

You can track our progress at [1] and [2].

So far, we replaced CanvasIcon (a HippoCanvas) with an Icon embeddded in an EventBox. Seems to work pretty well, except that I haven't quite gotten transparency working in the EventBox yet. We replaced the toolbox (also a HippoCanvas) with a Container. We took Tomeu Vizoso's work on removing Hippo from favoritesview, integrated it with the new CanvasIcon class and got the Sugar Homeview working. Finally, we refactored the Journal Detail View, again using the new Canvas Icon class. Things are not working 100% yet, but we are within sight of our goal.

Feel free to jump in.

In the community

2. Bastien Guerry announced that OLPC France is preparing its 2nd International Sugar Camp, to be held in Paris, 9–11 September.

3. Among the prizes for the Tux Paint Kids Summer Drawing Contest (See will be OLPC XO laptops and Sugar on a Stick!

Tech Talk

4. Marco Pesenti Gritti has been working on a framework for HTML activities (See for details).

Sugar Labs

Gary Martin has generated a SOM from the past few weeks of discussion on the IAEP mailing list.

Visit our planet [3] for more updates about Sugar and Sugar deployments.