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Sugar on XOs runs on Fedora Linux. There are also Sugar packages for a number of other Linux distributions. When Sugar is packaged for a new distribution, please add the bug tracker for that system to this page, along with a link to information on how to use it.

Reporting bugs

Fedora specific bugs

To report a bug in Fedora, go to http://bugzilla.redhat.com.

Please try to reproduce the bug in a standard Fedora installation, or in a Fedora Live CD, because many Fedora package maintainers might be unfamiliar with Sugar. In many cases, you can get along by setting up a VM in VirtualBox or QEMU.

For hardware related bugs, the output of dmesg and lsmod is useful information to attach. For networking bugs, iwconfig and ifconfig usually provide interesting output.

Refer to the Bugs and Feature Requests page for detailed instructions on filing Fedora bugs.


About Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS)

We strongly recommend that you report bugs in Debian using the reportbug program. To install and start it, simply run:

   # aptitude install reportbug
   $ reportbug

It will guide you through the bug reporting process step by step.

If you have questions that the interactive prompts of reportbug do not resolve, you can refer to the rest of the documentation at the link above, or ask the Debian user mailing list.


Ubuntu uses the apport/ubuntu-bug program to gather data on software problems and report bugs. Usage is

apport-bug <package name>

for non-running programs, and

apport-bug <pid>

for running programs. See

apport-bug --help

for other options.

ALT Linux




  • Developers: You can go directly to Bugzilla and report a bug.
  • Non-technical users: You may try first the OpenSUSE Forums.
  • Want to learn: It is not the easiest thing that you ever did, but it is not rocket science either.

Caixa Magica



From Slackware made easy:

For most of its history, since the first release in 1993, Slackware has been largely the work of one developer: California-based 42-year-old Patrick Volkerding. Pat had some assistance from other paid developers in the distro's earlier days, but now he's a one-man band - albeit with the help of bug reports and patches from the community - and uses sales of Slackware boxed sets to fund his work on the distro.

An affable chap with a quirky sense of humour, Pat's down-to-earth geekness puts many long-time Linuxers at ease. Got a question? Try Pat. Got a suggestion? Try Pat. Want to file a bug report? Try Pat. Don't worry about mailing lists, project leaders and Bugzilla accounts - Pat's your man. Indeed, he's known as The Man in Slackware circles.

Pat says that he may be reached via email at: volkerdi at slackware dot com

Distro QA

If you are willing to do systematic testing of packages in a particular distribution at each package release or upgrade and each distro upgrade, please add your name and data here, and e-mail Mokurai. This does not entail a commitment to test every version of every package in the Sugar Labs Activity repository, just the packages included with your chosen distribution.

Ubuntu 11.4 Natty Narwhal


Activity packages that cannot run should be removed or fixed: jigsaw, sliderpuzzle, browse, read, flipsticks.


  • 307206 sugar moon activity works and should be packaged—Done. Please close.
  • 601219 Sugar package files installed in wrong directory--Mostly fixed, except sliderpuzzle and jigsaw, which have other issues.


  • 284968 Jigsaw fails to launch--Actually, cannot install because python-abiword is still missing.
  • 307209 sugar speak activity works fine and should be packaged.
  • 307225 sugar ruler works/should be packaged, screen resolution fix
  • 459532 sugar-web-activity uninstallable due to python-xpcom dependency, should depend on xulrunner-1.9 instead
  • 460111 sugar browse fails -- libxul.so: No such file or directory. Browse-122 ImportError: No module named hulahop

Browse downloads .xo bundles to the Journal, but Firefox does not. In that case, copy the bundle file to a USB drive. You can copy it to the Journal from there. Click to install and start the activity.

  • 623726 read fails to start--Starts now, but does not open file.
  • 731133 TurtleArt cannot start due to missing files.--Version 108 installs and runs. Please package.
  • 788815 Sugar Flipsticks activity crashes on start.
  • 788822 Sugar SliderPuzzle activity dependent on missing Abiword.
  • 788832 Firefox in Sugar hangs on exit

Sascha Silbe

I am sad to announce that we are dropping Ubuntu support for sugar-jhbuild. Karmic Koala (9.10), the last version of Ubuntu that shipped all packages required to use Sugar (including all Fructose activities), has went end-of-life on 2011-05-01.

Apart from a bug in the Ubuntu version of Xephyr that prevents sugar-emulator from working out of the box [1], all recent Ubuntu versions lack python-xpcom [2], a crucial package for Browse. The latter issue can only be worked around by building all browser engine packages (xulrunner, python-xpcom, hulahop) in sugar-jhbuild. We (that is, I) lack the time to go this route again. At least in the past, Mozilla had a bad record for security updates: most of the time, the required patches needed to be hand-picked by downstream (in this case us) from their VCS repository. This is not only error-prone, but also rather time-consuming. AFAICT this hasn't changed a bit.

I can only hope that Surf grows to be a full replacement for Browse. Once that happens and all required packages for Surf (probably going to include some bleeding edge ones) enter the most recent Ubuntu version, we can start supporting Ubuntu again.

I will keep the Ubuntu configuration files in the sugar-jhbuild repository. Use them at your own risk. Feel free to send patches, but please don't file bug reports about anything Ubuntu-specific.