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Desktop with customizations to fit in a CD sized image

  • Re: Copy files from local system into liveCD?
On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 3:02 AM, Jacek Furmankiewicz wrote:
Thanks for all your help.
I managed to get it to work with the --nochroot option.
Hope to have some results to show soon.
I am trying to create an XFCE-based remix, but with all the extra goodies like in Fusion/Kororaa, etc.

> I am trying to copy some default user settings from my local folder to the
> /etc/skel folder on the live CD, e.g.:
> %post
> # set default user config
> cp -r $PWD/config/.config $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/skel
> %end
> But it doesn't work...
> cp: cannot stat `/home/jacekf/src/remix/config/.config': No such file or
> directory

> Is there some trick for bringing in custom files from your local filesystem
> into the live CD?
> Thank you
> Jacek
It is a bit tricky, you need to do it outside of root environment,
hence do this in "--nochroot" part of kickstart file, but you need to
know which temp directory is used for root.
You can check out my kickstart file for inspiration:
you should specify which temp folder to use when starting
livecd-creator with --temp= option
Hope this helps.