Build Your Own Remix with Fedora with git

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test Digest, Vol 97, Issue 3 Comment (by adamwill)

I can build live images if needed. Actually, you probably could too, it's actually very simple to do. You basically just need a git checkout of spin-kickstarts: 

and the livecd-tools package installed. Then you run a command something like this:

livecd-creator -c /path/to/spin-kickstarts/fedora-live-desktop.ks -v -f
my_awesome_live -t /home/adamw/local/live/tmp/

-c is the kickstart to use, -v is verbose, -f is the filename and label to
use for the resulting image, -t specifies the temporary directory and
--cache specifies the cache directory (I think otherwise it uses /tmp and
/var/something; I do this so the temp stuff can be re-used on subsequent
attempts and the cache doesn't overflow my smaller / partition).

To do your customizations, you can take advantage of kickstart inclusion.
Create a new kickstart file which includes the official kickstart you want
to base your image on, and adds your customizations. So I have this
kickstart file which just adds a couple of repos, for instance:


%include spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-desktop.ks

repo --name=side --baseurl=file:///home/adamw/local/repo2/$basearch BR
repo --name=bleed


Or one which adds a package:

%include spin-kickstarts/fedora-livecd-desktop.ks

repo --name=side --baseurl=file:///home/adamw/local/repo/$basearch BR
#repo --name=bleed

%packages BR
rendercheck BR