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  • Journal
    • Cloud Journal brainstorm (many people)
    • Mockups for multiselection (tch, godiard, aq, manuq))
    • Mockups for tags (tch, godiard, aq, manuq)
    • Documents Folder patch (walter)
  • Portfolio Activity (walter, manuq)
  • Library brainstorm (godiard, manuq)
  • Social Calc fixes (nick dorion)
  • Maps Activity (nick dorion)
  • Gnumeric Activity (dirakx)
  • Etoys: download projects from Squeakland (bert)
  • Fixes for Sugar Doers Kit (SDK) (alsroot)
  • Pat em workwflow dxo - SL . OLPC (anish, erikos, martin_xsa)
  • Review reports from the field