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<walter> I realize we didn't publicize the deployment meeting
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<walter> hey rafael
<walter> I don't think we did a good job of reminding people of this meeting.
<dirakx> walter: hi..
<dirakx> yes i think is better to do it next week?
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<dirakx> walter: i mean in order to get more people involved.
<walter> Yes. Next Wednesday, same time?
<dirakx> yep..
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<walter> I'll try to remember to advertise on the weekend Digest
<walter> hey Simon
<dirakx> walter i'll also write an emailk about it..
<erikos> walter: hey - do we have a meeting today?
<walter> we were just discussing this. We didn't get the word out, so we don't have a quorum.
<walter> we'll postpone until next week.
<erikos> oh ok, would it have been deployments one?
<dirakx> erikos: yep
<erikos> aha ok
<dirakx> i think it's better, we are just starting to get things together ;)
<walter> Meanwhile, I am in the midst of writing a grant proposal... for outreach, including some needed engineering...
<tomeu> nice
<dirakx> walter: in the same page we are using for that?
<walter> dirakx: I don't understand the question
<dirakx> walter: doh i misunderstood, that sorry
<walter> Well, I am going to get back to writing. I think I need to really focus on getting lots of applications in play ASAP.
<tomeu> ;)
<tomeu> let the paper flow!
<walter> One question on the application I am writing now is about any images or multimedia we might have.
<walter> I wonder if the video we put together for the MOMA exhibit would work.
<walter> I'll have to ask Eben.
<walter> Any other thoughts?
<tomeu> walter: he's in #sugar now
<tomeu> other than what is in the wiki and manuals, no
<walter> Also, another idea I had that is related to deployment: Sugar Labs has no human face...
<walter> what if we make a page which is a matrix of faces: developers, teachers, children
<walter> we can ask everyone to upload pictures
<walter> I guess the silence is an indication that there isn't much interest in the idea
<dirakx> that gets me to another idea of having something like about sugar with the names and faces? of all the devs and others. .
<walter> something to give it a human side
<dirakx> i like the idea ;). though i dont now about the others..
<dirakx> now/know.
<walter> I'll float it this weekend.
<tomeu> walter: sounds good to me
<tomeu> yup
<walter> should we just make a "galley" in the wiki?
<walter> ^galley^gallery
<erikos> walter: i am ok as well to upload my face ;p
<dirakx> walter are you thnking in something like the Community/profiles page on ?
<walter> great
<walter> but maybe simpler
<walter> Just a picture...
<walter> and a link to a User page if there is one
<walter> Wanna sketch it out on Sugar Labs?
<dirakx> yep why not..
<walter> Think we could get kids and teachers to post?
<dirakx> i could send an email to Sur asking, we will see how it goes ;).
<walter> Let'
<walter> s prepare the page first
<tomeu> I guess some teachers from uy will be favorable
<walter> so they have somewhere to go
<tomeu> although they are just starting to participate
<dirakx> tomeu: yes.
<dirakx> some suggesiotns about how the page should be named?
<walter> profiles is fine... just something more simple than the OLPC version
<dirakx> ok
<walter> thanks.
<erikos> tomeu: will you wear a black or a red shirt?
<tomeu> hmm, not sure
<tomeu> I guess it depends on which one is in the washing machine :p
<erikos> :p
<erikos> some of the pictures at olpc site are a bit scary - hope we don't scare people away
<erikos> maybe everyone should draw an animal, instead :)
<walter> For those who have customized their Sugar icon, maybe they could include that?
<walter> Speaking of which, I need to write up a ticket for making the user icon a separate file from the xo icon.
<erikos> oh yeah - heard that changing the sugar icon is on vogue
<walter> I documented it in Modifying Sugar in the Sugar manual...
<walter> but OLPC didn't include that chapter in the Help manual
<walter> But the granularity of control is not quite correct
<walter> lets you modify the homeview, but not your icon in any other view
<erikos> oh, the manual in the help activity does only include a portion
<dirakx> erikos: i agree some pictures in those profiles are too geeky even for me taste ;).
<walter> computer-xo.svg modifies it everywhere, including places it shouldn't
<erikos> yeah modifying the computer-xo icon is not the right way
<walter> that was the method advertised in OLPCNews a few months ago.
<erikos> we once had early code for that
<erikos> since you would ideally send the image as well around when
<erikos> to appear on the other's mesh view
<erikos> but this would need quite some effort, actually - to make it happen
<walter> sorry: I had to step away for a phone call.
<walter> It could be staged: change it on your machine and then change it on the network...
<walter> I had built a parametrized XO that with a few extra bytes let the XO change over the mesh...
<erikos> sure, it is true that you could stage the task
<erikos> how critical is it, i wonder?
<walter> the first step would be to make a clear distinction between the xo-icon and my-icon in the codebase
<walter> not critical...
<walter> the journal is most important
<walter> the first step would be to make a clear distinction between the xo-icon and my-icon in the codebase
<walter> not critical...
<walter> the journal is most important
<tomeu> walter: do you have already an idea of what changes in the journal UI are most urgent?
<tomeu> everybody seems to have a different idea each ;)
<walter> @tomeu: the most important things in my mind are: robustness; easier access to journal items (e.g., access from the home page); and a better way of managing the data as it grows.
<walter> Robustness is really the datastore
<walter> I think the discussion about tags is a good way to address the management issues
<walter> but I think the bulk of the journal "spam" as Albert likes to call it, comes from the fact that people don't access the Journal more directly--we need to make it an extension of the homepage.
<tomeu> yeah, we see some consensus growing on that
<tomeu> I think we definitely should get that one for 9.1
<walter> I had some UI ideas that Eben/Pentagram never liked about making the journal a direct extension of the Frame
<tomeu> 0.84
<tomeu> oh, haven't heard about it
<walter> Just like the clipboard is always there, relevant journal entries could always be there
<tomeu> some kind of "recent documents"?
<walter> yeah.
<walter> or recent objects, once you are in an activity
<walter> Eben I think wanted to do this with a tray instead
<tomeu> I'm not sure we'll have much time to do changes in the journal UI for 0.84
<tomeu> so we should choose well what gives most for the price
<walter> I don't expect that level of change, but I think the datastore ideas from last January could support this model
<tomeu> for now, I think the tags stuff is too much for 0.84 unless someone volunteers to help
<walter> When we think about what we optimize in terms of access...
<tomeu> walter: yup, increasing query performance is one of the main goals of the rewrite
<tomeu> we are already much better and can improve significantly
<tomeu> more
<walter> That's going to make a huge difference... the foundation has to be there first.