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Puno Sugar Distribution

  1. Support new locales:
    • the documented workflow to build system packages with new locales and having RPM repo (Ruben Monrroy, Neyder Achahuanco);
    • upstreaming new locales (cjl);
  2. Translation for ay quz:
  3. Setup the documented workflow to prepare Sugar packages on OBS with new .po (alsroot, Ruben Monrroy, Neyder Achahuanco);
  4. Setup the documented workflow to compose XO images from OBS packages (Ruben Monrroy, Neyder Achahuanco);
  5. TOAST image from OBS packages (quidam).

Sugar Network

Initial implementation.


  1. GUI for API (Laura Vargas, icarito);
  2. Code to launch activities and handle failed exit to make it closer integrated with the Sugar Network (alsroot).


  1. Active Document library,
  2. Server itself;
  3. Clients' personal server.


  1. Teachers' server packages;
  2. Client packages;
  3. Synchronisation workflow ready to use in the field;
  4. Mothersip workflow.


  1. Statistics sources:
    • Users's X11 and DBus events monitoring,
    • Users's Journal monitoring,
    • Make sure that Sugar Network events are sufficient for further analysis to get statistics;
  2. Collect monitored stats on the mothership via Sugar Network.

Sugar Shell

  1. Fast language switch feature.