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This is a quick guide to the locations of various forms of Sugar software that can run in QEMU emulation or VMware or VirtualBox virtualization.

You can download installation images (.iso files) for Linux distributions that support Sugar and create your own bootable images with Sugar installed.

See VirtualBox, VMware, or QEMU for more information on how to run an image, and Supported systems for more information on which operating systems support Sugar.


Download: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/downloads/index.html

Importing VM:

  • Mac OS X: "File" -> "Import Apppliance..." + "open appliance"... + select the .ovf file.

Pre-assembled virtual machines For the latest, see the following pages:

Installing VirtualBox in F21

  • files to download
Details of the install

Some Suggestions on Using VirtualBox

  • Export your appliances to an external USB hard disk
    This functions like the Mac Application "Time Machine"
    Save each exported Appliance in a folder marked with the name and date of export.
    You can then import this Appliance to restore the state of the Appliance on that date.
  • Run an Existing VirtualBox Appliance from an external USB Hard Drive
    Portable, Individual Copy for Student, Move between separate Computers.
    1. copy-paste the xxxx.vmdk file from /(User)/Virtualbox/HardDisks/xxxx.vmdk to a Folder on an external USB HD
    2. Menu: Machine>New>continue>Name>Operating System>Version/Memory/Continue>Use existing hard disk>[chose xxxx.vmdk on an External USB HD]> Start.
  • Note Running from a USB Memory Stick Crawls, VERY slowly - not practical.
  • Testing of appliance running from an external USB Hard Disk
Appears to depend on the Speed of the Host Machine: (needs farther testing)
  1. Very Slow - Fedora-13-Soas/VB 3.2.12 on Windows XP SP2/ EeePC 1000HE 12/26/2010 satellit
  2. Very Slow - Trisquel-3-sugar/VB 3.2.12 on Windows XP SP2/ EeePC 1000HE 12/26/2010 satellit
  3. Acceptable- Fedora-13-Soas/VB 4.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 /hp Pavillion Turion 64x2 laptop 12/26/2010 satellit
  4. Acceptable- Trisquel-3-sugar/VB 4.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 /hp Pavillion Turion 64x2 laptop 12/26/2010 satellit

Join IRC for Help

  • Join Sugar chat room for Help in English
  • Sugar chat room in Español (with translations to English)
    Pida ayuda a través de este canal #sugar-es Por favor, sea cortés y hacer sus preguntas.
    Los voluntarios no pueden estar en línea todo el tiempo.
    Sea paciente y permanecer conectado durante varios minutos para ver su respuest.
    (Utilizar la función de meeting para la traducción de estos artículos.)
Ask for help on either of these channels.
Please be courteous and ask your questions.
Volunteers may not be on line all of the time. Be patient and stay connected for several minutes to see their answer.


http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03.html#id2727661 [Configuring virtual machines]
http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch03.html#id321700 [USB Support]
Oracle VM VirtualBox online Manual
See also Sugar-in-Virtualization.

Extension Pack

Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack Personal Use License
All Platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux)
  • Personal Use Licensed not OSE

VMware Player

Download VMware Player (free)

  • VMplayer can now import VirtualBox files


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