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  • Name: John Tierney
  • Sugar Labs Name: jt4sugar
  • Email: jtis4stx@hotmail.com
  • Skype ID: jt4sugar

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  • Targeted release: 0.98
  • Last updated: 02/27/12
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Detailed Description


The idea behind Discovery Mode is to have a training aid available for teachers, instructors, or learning facilitators that resides inside the Sugar activities themselves. For teachers or instructors that want to use the Sugar Learning Platform and leverage its constructivist principles, it is very important to have this facilitator/guide keenly aware of the functionality within each Sugar Activity so they can plan their Constructivist Learning Environment appropriately to the benefit of the individual learners. I do not know if this is technically possible.

Could we create a situation where a Sugar Activity could have two modes:

  • Activity Mode-Operates as is
  • Discovery Mode-Here when a palette opens inside a Sugar Activity instead of revealing choices the palette includes a description and use case of that icon or process.

Benefit to Sugar

  • Benefit to Teacher

-Teachers do not have to leave Sugar environment to learn key learning aspects of Sugar Activities -Teachers can quickly become familiar with key elements of Sugar Activities allowing them to implement more effectively to the benefit of their learners -If use cases can be embedded or through links to use cases stored in the Journal this could be a great Professional Development tool for teachers

  • Benefit to Learner

-In some cases to get to the Constructivist lesson some prerequisite skills may need to be learned. Having access to Discovery Mode may be helpful in getting learners up to speed on basics of Sugar Activities which allows them to move to Higher-order goals, creative thinking, discovery, and inquiry learning that are key principles in constructionism.

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