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The main karma utility is the command karma which simply checks if java is installed before invoking bin/karma.js with the narwhal command-line interpreter for javascript.

The karma utility is essentially a clone of setup.py with customizations for karma. We could not use setup.py as much of it does not apply to a non-python project. The karma script is still under heavy development. Here are some functions we intend to implement:

Usage: karma [OPTION] [INPUTFILE]...

Commands To be Implemented:

  • add-missing-gnu lesson_name -- If the standard GNU files are missing (AUTHORS, CHANGELOG, COPYING, NEWS, README), they are created from defaults
  • check_all -- run comprehensive check against all files to against the karma specification, like pylint on steroids
  • check_html -- only check the html files
  • check_js -- only check the javascript files
  • dist_xo -- create an XO bundle that includes an html5-capable browser
  • dist_zip -- create a zip archive including the kindex.html and all karma lessons from lessons/
  • dist_xo_locale [locale_name]* -- create an xo bundle that only includes the specified locales
  • dist_zip_locale [locale_name]* -- create a zip archive that only includes the specified locales
  • gettextize [files] [-o outputfile.pot] -- grabs translatable strings from [files] and outputs them lesson_name.pot by default. If lesson_name.pot already exists, it is updated
  • new_lesson -- create a new lesson from the karma templates
  • update_index -- update the main index.html to include lessons created in lesson/