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See this OLPC wiki page for an introduction to mailing lists.

Sugar Labs lists are hosted by the GNU Mailman project. For help with their service, see their documentation page.


to see all the Sugar Labs mailing lists. After registering your email address with the mailing list, you will receive the discussion posts or digests of the posts made to the list server. Each list maintains an archive of all its posts. A link to the archive is available on each list's info page. For example, here is a link to the Community news archive.

You may respond to a post in the archive by clicking the author's email address (at the top of the posting). This will invoke the mailto: link to the list's address with the post's subject line and message identifiers to place your post properly in the thread.

See also the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) mailing lists and archives at

A web-view of mailing lists in a forum-like interface can be found at Nabble. Keep in mind that using Nabble has the following limitations: Nabble does not support posting to more than one mailing list at a time (cross-posting) and Nabble does not index all Sugar lists.

General Lists

    It's an Education Project (IAEP) Our main mailing list for discussions of Education and Sugar
   (See a graphic Self Organising Map for an overview of the past weeks' discussions on the list.)
    Marketing Where we discuss marketing and outreach for the Sugar Learning Platform and its parent organization, Sugar Labs
    Community News The Sugar community news weekly digest

Regional Lists

    Colombia Sugar Labs Colombia discussion
    olpc-Sur A list frequented by teachers using the Sugar platform in Latin America

Project Lists

    Dextrose Deployments' XO operating system
    Sugar on a Stick (SoaS) Development of live Sugar distributions
    Summer of Code A list to support the Google Summer of Code open source development project
    Fourth Grade Math A list supporting the development of activities for the Math4 Project
    School Server A list for discussions on the School Server, XS (XO school Server)

Developer Lists

    Sugar-devel The Sugar and Activity developers' email list
   (See the graphic Self Organising Map archive for an overview of past months' discussions.)
    Bugs E-mail feed from the Sugar Labs bug tracking system
    Sugar-Desarrollo A Spanish language Sugar developers' mailing list
    olpc The Fedora-OLPC Project for OLPC XO operating systems that include a Sugar distribution
    devel The OLPC system hardware and software developers' email list

Systems Infrastructure

    Systems A list for those supporting the Sugar Labs systems infrastructure

Starting a new list

The best way to start a new mailing list is to begin a discussion on a current list that's related to the topic. Once the discussion becomes active, ask for a separate list for that topic.

When a critical mass of people are regularly discussing the same topic, email the following information to the IAEP list:

  1. The name for the new mailing list, with alternative names in case the first one is taken
  2. A description of the list, its purpose, and why it's needed (being able to say "we've been talking on this other list for a while, and the discussion has grown too big, see these archive links" is helpful)
  3. The name/email of the list administrator, and of at least one other moderator (minimum, one admin and one moderator)
  4. At least 10 names/email addresses of people who want to be the initial subscribers