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Developing for Sugar

So you want to contribute to Sugar in code? You've come to the right place. There is always work to do, and we appreciate anyway you can help.
There are two ways you can contribute to Sugar in code -

  • Contribute to the Sugar shell itself or the related components(like toolkit)
  • Contribute to the Activities

Note: This page isn't complete. Please add whatever seems important.

Learning required skills

Here is a list of recommended resources to learn -

Contributing to Sugar shell and related components

These are the main skills required for developing Sugar shell and toolkit -

  • Python
  • C
  • GTK+ 3
  • git


  • The code repository for the Sugar shell is on GitHub.
    You will need a GitHub account to contribute and you will need to know git, a version control system.
  • See the developer website for information on the sugar-build environment.
  • See the Human Interface Guidelines for background and design philosophy.
  • Also see the Development Team page on this wiki for more information.

Work to do

Looking for something to do? Check these out -

Contributing to Activities

These are the main skills required for developing Sugar shell and toolkit -

  • Python
  • GTK+ 3
  • git


You can get started using this manual -
Note: This manual is a bit outdated, but most of the information still applies.

You can obtain source code from our Gitorious instance -
Create an account there, and proceed. It is very much similar to GitHub.

See the hello-world activity for basic source code of an activity.
There are many such hello world activities, search for them on Gitorious

See also Activity Team.

Work to do

Looking for work? Check these out -