Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-05-06

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SLOB members in attendance
walterbender, canoeberry, tony37
Community members in attendance
davelab6, icarito, cjl, samsongoddy, kaametza, Ibiam, elih, noemu

Agenda items

We did not have a quorum so we were not able to vote on any of these motions.


Dave Crossfield took care of this unilaterally. It was suggested that the lead of the infrastructure team could have handled this without the need for SLOB intervention.
Finance Manager position
It was agreed that we need more discussion on Motion 1 (create a paid position) and Motion 2 (unilateral spending by the finance manager). We agreed that Motions 3 and 4 were ready for an email vote.
We discussed this and will proceed with an email vote.
We discussed this and will proceed with an email vote. (Walter will include a summary of the rationale for the change.)
GSoC mentor payments
It was viewed favorably in the discussion. We will proceed with an email vote.
Google RISE
It was suggested that local deployments apply; Adam agreed to discuss with Tony at the Conservancy how Sugar Labs might sponsor the work of local deployments that are not non-profit entities (a requirement of the grant).
Motion to adopt the Vision proposal
We did not discuss this topic.