Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2016-06-03

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SLOB members in attendance
walterbender, canoeberry, tony37, claudiaU, JM, llaske, ElVerma
Community members in attendance
davelab6, icarito, GrannieB, satellit

Agenda items

  • Update on various topics
  • discussion of Motion to create a Finance Manager
  • discussion of Motion to adopt 2016 Vision Statement


Walter updated the board regarding several potential partners for distributing Sugar; a brief update regarding Google Summer of Code; announcement that Sam Parkinson will the new Release Manager; pending trip to Chile. Adam interjected that Karen Sandler has been very helpful getting many legal/financial issues organized, but we are not there yet on Samson Goddy's Yoruba contract and a few others items. Karen is working on getting a PayPal donation button ready per Sean Daly & others requests.
Finance Manager position
The first motion [1] to revamp the position description was never seconded. The language describing the reporting schedule was deemed inadequate. A proposal to expedite a revision to the language was disparaged as a "charade". None of the other motions were discussed as they are all contingent on the first motion.
Motion to adopt the Vision proposal
The motion was never seconded. Some seemingly contradictory objections were raised that on the one hand, the vision was not inclusive of other FOSS education projects, and on the other hand, the vision was not clear in how Sugar differs from other education projects. No one stepped forward to work on new language.

At this point we ran out of time. None of the other agenda items were discussed:

  • Motion regarding GSoC mentoring stipends;
  • Motion to request a membership donation;
  • Discussion of merits of applying for inclusion in GitHub Education pack.