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SLOB Meeting -- April 28, 2021

Attending: Walter, Lionel, Ibiam, Perrie, Claudia, Jui.

From the community: Sumit




No transactions as of yet in 2021







Ibiam Contract

Ibiam got paid for his work after James' and Alex's approval of the work done.

Next Meeting

26 May 2021

Meeting Log

walterbender: hi everyone Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Hi Everyone. llaske_: Hi Ibiam, hi Walter walterbender: can SLOB members raise their hands? Jui Pradhan: Hi perrieee: Hello walterbender: great. we have a quorum let's #start meeting A few usual items

  1. topic finances

I need to figure out how to pay Chihurumnaya Ibiam for his work Sumit Srivastava: Hi all walterbender: it was approved by James and Alex I've never made a payment from our account.. need to figure it out No other financial news any quesitons? Jui Pradhan: Nothing from my side Sumit Srivastava: Hi all Jui Pradhan: Hi, I just read previous chats... Hope you are doing fine! walterbender: Yes... hope everyone in India is OK Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Hope you're doing okay Jui. walterbender: I have many colleagues who have gotten sick or lost loved ones... terrible situation walterbender: I need to figure out how to pay Chihurumnaya Ibiam for his work

Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I think a wire transfer would be best but there's a $45 fee. walterbender: try to stay safe callaurrea: Hi everyone Jui Pradhan: Yes Its becoming a nightmare.... I lost a close friend today. He was young.... just 22years old. It's scary everyone Stay Safe! walterbender: Hi callaurrea Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Hi Claudia. walterbender: any updates from the SFC? Sumit Srivastava: Let's focus on the topic at hand first and then we can discuss India's situation if the board has time. llaske_: Hi Claudia perrieee: I’m so sorry about that Jui Pradhan: I'm doing fine! Thanks for asking Sumit Srivastava: Sorry about that Jui. Please stay safe. It's hard. Jui Pradhan: Agreed callaurrea: No updates. Chihurumnaya Ibiam: You can ask Devin I think as he's the one who made the last payment. walterbender: Chihurumnaya Ibiam after the meeting, let's see if we can figure it out otherwise, I will ask Devin to help My only other topic is GSoC We got 8 slots and I think we have the students/mentors selected Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Agreed. walterbender: We cannot make any public announcement of whom we selected until Monday llaske_: Yes we've got 8 students and at least one mentor and backup mentor for each walterbender: But speaking from the Music Blocks team, a very strong pool llaske_: Please double check one the GSoC dashboard that it's okay on your side walterbender: thks to Jui, Perrie, and Lionel Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah. callaurrea: Thanks everyone walterbender: looks good to me Any other business to discuss? callaurrea: Can you share the GSoC dashboard? Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Nothing from me. walterbender: callaurrea I will send you a snapshot as a private message --- we cannot share it publicly yet callaurrea: ok llaske_: Else I can invite you as mentor callaurrea: I wanted to get a sense of the projects... Chihurumnaya Ibiam: The ideas are here https://github.com/sugarlabs/GSoC/blob/master/Ideas-2021.md. walterbender: I think I mentioned last time that I was about to release MusicBlocks 3.x before we move on to MusicBlocks 4.0 this summer. I am very very close... just chasing down a few regressions. callaurrea: thanks! walterbender: FWIW, we went from ~ 2000 lint errors to 0 lint errors :P Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah you did, I was looking at your refactor PR earlier. Sumit Srivastava: Rocketship Great progress walterbender: Chihurumnaya Ibiam still pushed a few small changes Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Yeah, a lot of work done. callaurrea: walterbender are you still doing workshops? Jui Pradhan: Sounds amazing! walterbender: the plugin system was completely broken (before my refactor) and I am determined to fix it... mostly working now) and I need to pull in a few patches that landed after I began my refactor Chihurumnaya Ibiam: Looking forward to testing the new release. walterbender: alas, a lot of plugins were using mashape, but that is now rapidAPI and behind a paywall. I cannot fix those :( Chihurumnaya Ibiam: I'm guessing they'd be retired or migrated to another API. walterbender: We need to find replacement APIs Sumit Srivastava: Try searching for forks and find the most popular OSS. It will probably be compatible. Like MongoDB to DocumentDB llaske_: Technically MongoDB is not OSS walterbender: I don't want to hold up the release on that perrieee: Re GSoC; Lionel, I made a request to join to mentor the MB projects, as they’d require design inputs. Sumit Srivastava: That's why DocumentDB was introduced after it moved away from OSS. walterbender: perrieee that'd be most welcome llaske_: @perrie did you add your name to the mentor list of the projects ? walterbender: We plan to meet every weekday at 11:30UTC with the mentors and students for a quick standup meeting like we did last summer... it worked out well perrieee: On GitHub? Yes I did earlier llaske_: No on the GSoC dashboard perrieee: Oh I just did that now llaske_: That's fine we've got until 7th June to finalize mentors list callaurrea: About fundraising and before I forget. It will be good to think about it more seriously when we get the non-profit status we can think about projects/priorities... and invite my nice to present Sumit Srivastava: What status do we have currently? walterbender: limbo waiting on our application Sumit Srivastava: Oh. callaurrea: It takes a few months. walterbender: at least a few any other business? llaske_: Not on my side