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Boot Camp

For the last couple of weeks we have been talking about how to hand over hosting and maintenance of In order to transfer the necessary knowledge to the Students at Rochester Institute of Technology, I am putting together a 'Deploying and Maintaining a Scalable and Reliable Web Service' bootcamp.

The format is series of 5 talks and hands on session in which students learn about systems in general while using as a case study.

The High level question is, "What do I wish I knew when I started working on ALSO."

Session 0 Systems

Deploying and maintaining a scalable and reliable web service.

1. Learning objectives

  • What is ASLO?
  • What is a system?
  • What is scalablity?
  • What is reliablity?

2. What is a System?

3. Why build a System?

4. Why are systems hard?

5. Critial thinking

  • What is the problem being solved?
  • What approach is being used?
  • What benchmarks are being performed?
  • What conclusions can be drawn?
  • What are the next steps?

6. Parts of a web service.

  • Model - database.
  • View - html pages delivered to users
  • Controller - web site code.

7. overview

8. What is the problem.

  • Distribute activities
  • Community of Users
  • Community of developer

9. What is the approach.

  • Links on a wiki
  • Roll your own
  • Build on existing open source project

Lab - Gathering our tools.

Stage 1 Basic Web Site Technologies

1. installing aslo

  • code - php.
  • database - mysql.
  • configuration

hands on - Installing ASLO

Stage 2 Caching

more memory memcached squid

hands on - monitoring and benchmarking effects of memcached

Stage 3 Load balancing

multiple databases multiple web servers

hands on - setting up slave server and multiple web nodes

Stage 4 Reliability

redundency failover

hands on - setting up proxy, web node, and database failover.

and last but not least backup monitoring - munin profiling - analytics