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Quilt is a chat system designed for mesh networks. It was written in python and uses zeromq as a way to pass data between nodes. Each node connects to other nodes and allows a user to chat. The end goal is to have a resilient chat network that auto discovers nodes on a mesh network.


The Quilt protocol is a simple text based protocol over zeromq. zeromq can send multi-part messages and quilt takes advantage of that as a separate between different sections of a message. Current protocol:

  • join -- [routing, destination, "join," user, channel]
  • part -- [routing, destination, "part", user, channel]
  • message -- [routing, destination, "message", user, channel, message]
  • ping [routing, destination, "ping", server]
  • pong [routing, destination, "pong", server]
  • server_connect [routing, destination, "server_connect", our_address, our_port]

Project Setup

The project has 2 main folders and several other sub folders.

  • tests
    • Unit tests for Quilt are located here
  • quilt
    • This folder holds the source code for quilt it has 1 sub folder
    • __init__.py stores the core quilt code for threading and running the server
    • protocol.py holds the protocol implementation
    • models
      • Models holds classes for storing data in a way that will be accessible beyond the QuiltProtocol object in protocol.py



  • pyzmq-static

Unit tests

  • nose


The current todo list is as follows:

  • Rewrite the routing implementation to be much smarter
  • Hook the avahi node discovery code into the core system
  • Improved UI
  • rewrite documentation

Core contributors