Requesting a SLOBs decision

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This page explains the current SLOBs decision-making procedure. See the talk page for discussion on these procedures, including proposed amendments. The current decision-making procedure was designed and approved on October 30, 2009 with absentee votes from Sean Daly and Bernie Innocenti arriving via email after the meeting.

Requesting a decision

Any Oversight Board member can put a request for a decision on the next SLOBs meeting agenda. Community members can contact an Oversight Board member to put their requests for a decision on the agenda.

Convening a meeting

An Oversight Board meeting can be called in the #sugar-meeting IRC channel by a quorum of 4 SLOBs members present and participating in that channel in realtime.


The window for voting on a decision posed to SLOBs begins when the motion is proposed at a SLOBs meeting. The voting window closes 96 hours from the end of the meeting during which the motion is proposed.

Only current SLOBs are eligible to vote. Once a vote is made, it cannot be changed or withdrawn.

If a majority of SLOBs members (4 or more) vote yea before the voting window closes, the decision is an official SLOBs yes. For all other cases, the decision is an official SLOBs no.

IRC (during official SLOBs meetings, with IRC meeting logs) is the primary medium for the casting of SLOBs votes, with email for absentee ballots and the wiki as the archive of record.