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Hostnames & Emails (HTTP only, redirects to use-socialhelp on https)

socialhelp AT sugarlabs DOT org

Hosted On

Freedom using docker

All the stuff lives in /srv/socialhelp

It uses the socialhelp partition which is 20G ext4 on the lvm


First do the discourse:

cd /srv/socialhelp/discourse

# Generate the container - will take some time
sudo ./launcher rebuild app

sudo ./launcher start app --docker-args "-m 5g --cpuset='6-7'" 

Most of the helpful discourse documentation is found on their discourse forum.

Then the re-director & sso:

   container.yml start /containers/org.sugarlabs.socialhelp_sso/ -d
   container.yml start /containers/org.sugarlabs.use-socialhelp/ -d
   # If they fail to start, make sure that they are built:
   container.yml build /containers/org.sugarlabs.socialhelp_sso/
   container.yml build /containers/org.sugarlabs.use-socialhelp/


  • how to upgrade to next version of discourse