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Soas1 and Soas2 and Fedora 10 and Fedora F11 beta work on EeePC900 on 2GB SD cards and 2GB USB sticks

The file {} installs a full F10 live cd with persistence and home to SD or 2mb usb stick on EeePC 900 including the EeePc wireless driver.

It comes up and finds my Apple airport on booting.

I only wish it would allow updates to occur without crashing the install.....

I use a text file to copy and paste it to a terminal for repeated installs..

(The SandDisk SD 2GB and 2GB USB sticks are formatted fat16 with a boot flag first)

sudo ./ --noverify --overlay-size-mb 500 --home-size-mb 500 --unencrypted-home F10-i686-Live.iso /dev/sdb1

works for: F10-i686-Live.iso and F10-i686-Live-KDE.iso also Soas1-200903191225.iso

There are several Livecd-iso to disk script files Soas2 (F10.94) requires a different script file which has now been updated on the Sugar on a stick Page of the wiki

F10.94 (Fedora 11 beta)can then be installed also on 2GB USB sticks and 2GB SD cards

Jabber presence and chat work. The latest Soas2 file is smaller in size and does NOT see USB cards.