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=== Things I do at Sugar Labs ===
I help maintain a number of Sugar Labs web services along with [[User:Bernie|Bernie Innocenti]] such as [ Gitorious] and , [[Sunjammer]], and [ Google Apps]. I am also an [[wikipedia:Help:administrator|administrator]] and [[wikipedia:Help:bureaucrat|bureaucrat]] at the Sugar Labs Wiki. I have [ founder access] to the <tt>#sugar</tt> and <tt>#sugar-meeting</tt> channels, so if you need assistance with any of those services feel free to [[#Contact|ask me]].
I try to help out where I can with software development and design. I'm currently working on improving the user experience for the installation and deployment of [[Sugar on a Stick]] for both educators and students.
=== Contact ===
The fastest way to reach me is via [[IRC]] or [[wikipedia:XMPP|XMPP]]. If your query is not urgent, email is preferred. Please see [ my contact page] for more information, including addresses.
If you have a question about something on-wiki, feel free to leave me a note on my [[User_talk:LFaraone|talk page]].

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