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Run Sugar: refer non-US keyboard users to VNC
== Run Sugar ==
Note: if you have a non-US keyboard, please follow the instructions on [[#Running sugar in a VNC session|running Sugar in a VNC session]] instead.
This command launches Sugar in a nested X session:
To set debug variables, modify <code>~/.sugar/debug</code> (this file will be created on first run of Sugar).
Note that due to a [ bug in Xephyr] your keyboard might not work as expected. A partial workaround is to run <code>setxkbmap &lt;keymap name&gt;</code> by adding this command line to <code>~/.sugar/debug</code>. Most "regular" keys should work fine after that, some "special keys" (e.g. cursor up/down) might still refuse to operate as intended.  The "keymap name" usually is a two letter country code, e.g. "de" for german or "fr" for french.
== Run an individual activity ==

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