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=== [[Image:blocku.png|75px]] [[Blocku|Blocku]] ===
A math based sudoku style puzzle game. The player is given an answer and they have to complete the puzzle by matching the sides of the blocks together that, following the correct operator (+, -, *, /) will give them the answer.
=== [[Fortune_Hunter| Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter]] ===
Fortune Hunter draws on teaching children of a global scale fourth grade mathematics through the guise of a dungeon styled adventure game. Players will be able to explore dungeons and fight fearsome battles with various monsters, each requiring special attacks pertaining to unique mathematical concept to defeat. The player controls a protagonist that must progress through maze-like dungeons, solve puzzles / problems, and defeat enemies in a two dimensional world.
For more information or to download, visit our [[Fortune_Hunter| wiki site]].
===[[Image:Lemon_Icon.svg|24px]] [[Lemonade Stand]]===
Lemonade stand (or more likely, *Insert produce here* stand) is a collaboration project at RIT. It is designed to test children on fractions, working with money, estimation, and other math topics. While our time restraints limit the extent to which we can implement features, the current goal is a feature complete program even if lacking in graphics. We plan on having a system based on buying and selling commodities and an eventual season based economy.
The largest and most complex task of the project will be the introduction of a basic AI to handle the economy, the use of graphics, and localization. We are planning on introducing the game with a generic currency model while trying to find a commodity that either works worldwide, or is easy to replace for regional types. At the very least, we plan on having a feature complete text model that can be finished by other interested parties.
=== [[Image:Pacmath-logo.png|75px]] [[PacMath|PacMath]] ===
Through the classic arcade style game known as PacMan we will incorporate fourth grade level math.
==Published and Complete Projects==

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