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The Undiscoverable

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Some ideas are not easy to discover; the concept of guided [[discovery]], where a mentor helps point a learner in a fruitful direction, can greatly accelerate the pace of learning. Some Sugar features are not easy to discover and while we are working to improve upon this, we provide some guides to discovery below.
Eventually, as editors have sufficient material, the official documentation at
[ FLOSS Manuals] should be updated. (It's a wiki, too.)
'''New project''': [ Discovering Discovery] in the FLOSS Manuals Booki software.--[[User:Mokurai|Mokurai]] 11:44, 29 September 2010 (EDT)
No matter how well we do in making Sugar discoverable, there are necessarily some things that even a born lever-puller and button-clicker will not find easily, or will not understand fully. This page contains a list of such things, ranging from the almost but not quite obvious to the entirely opaque. We can consider whether some of these can be improved, but we know that there is a limit. So we have to alert teachers to these issues, and assist them to alert the children.
Point to an icon and wait a second for its name to appear. Wait a bit longer for the accompanying menu to appear. Or, without having to wait, just right-click (o-button on an XO) to see the name and menu.
::Nice if view source was there too. --[[User:Dennis Daniels|Dennis Daniels]] 16:15, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
:::It's in the Frame menu for the running activity --[[User:Sascha silbe|Sascha silbe]] 06:52, 13 May 2011 (EDT)
In Home View (hotkey F3), there are buttons to switch between the view of favorites in a ring and a list of all installed Activities. Select the star by an Activity to make it a Favorite. The hover menu for a Favorite includes the option to remove it from favorites without deleting it, and also an Erase option which deletes that activity!
::For a school admin trying to keep machines uniform for the next wave of kids to descend upon the computer lab the erase key can pose problems, right? --[[User:Dennis Daniels|Dennis Daniels]] 16:08, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
:::One of many reasons not to use computer labs, but to go with one-to-one computing.
:::Just give each user a separate account (easy to automate). In addition to settings, the Journal will be preserved as well. --[[User:Sascha silbe|Sascha silbe]] 06:52, 13 May 2011 (EDT)
Can be activated by putting the mouse cursor in a corner of the screen (default) or / on an edge (option in My Settings)or pressing the Frame key (XOs only) resp. <Alt>+<Shift>+F. On some systems (e.g. [[Dextrose]]) activation by mouse might be disabled by default.
* Views and Activities on top
===Screen capture===
An important use case for the Keep button. How do we store just the image, without the software state? Some Activities, including Turtle Art, have a button for this purpose.
*: <Alt> + 1 captures the screen and stores a screenshot in the Journal.
:What's the hotkey to view source? Is there a hotkey to view the log for that specific acitivity?--[[User:Dennis Daniels|Dennis Daniels]] 16:10, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
::<Alt>+<Shift>+V. On XOs you can use the "Gear" key (<Fn>+<Space>).
===Copy and paste between activities?===
::Not all activities respond to the 'stop-sign' especially when there are system/activity crashes caused by bugs. How do users and teachers(!) kill _that_ activity?--[[User:Dennis Daniels|Dennis Daniels]] 16:09, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
:::Right now the only way is to kill the process from within Terminal, e.g. using top. --[[User:Sascha silbe|Sascha silbe]] 06:52, 13 May 2011 (EDT)
* Start an Activity without resuming last session: Select Start from hover menu.
1-) in /usr/share/sugar/activities
* Locations of activities in sugar versions:
soas-v2-Blueberry : /home/liveuser/Activities
soas-i386-Nightly composes: /usr/share/sugar/activity
* In Terminal:
*: {{Code|sugar-emulator -i 600x500}} (fits the screen for a 10" Netbook as a window)
*: {{Code|'''sugar-emulator -f'''}} '''(Full Screen)''' fit screen size and display entire sugar-emulator window
* Help for sugar-emulator
*: {{Code|sugar-emulator --help}}
* Resume session: Left-click a Journal entry to start where you left off the last time. Right-click to get the list of Activities that can open this file. Save in Record, open in Paint, for example.
* Install Activities: Cannot install .xo over yum package. Delete Activity from /usr/share/sugar/activities, then download .xo from [ Activities repository] to Journal using Browse.
:Other browsers such as Firefox save to the Linux file system, not to the Journal. Copy to a USB stick using Terminal, then from there to the Journal.
* Copy to and from USB stick: Drag Journal entries to USB icon.
* Copy file to Journal entry. With the appropriate file name and MIME type:
copy-to-journal -m text/x-python
> We also had them reflect in their Journals about what they did.
> All of this went well.
The obsolete xo-get script and Activity accessed a repository of Activities for installation and updates. Use [] instead.
* [ Script] [ Download]
* [ Activity]
* copy-from-journal copy-to-journal: Journal entries are in ~/.sugar/default/datastore. Each entry has a metadata subdirectory.
* sugar-control-panel command: (aboutme/network/datetime/aboutcomputer/Frame/power/language) settings. Use this command (small L) to list available functions.
sugar-control-panel -l
* File browser: Install Midnight Commander (mc)
:plot(eqn, var=-a..b), plot the equation 'eqn' with the variable 'var' in the range from -a to b.
For example,
*How to change the autologon channels on the XoIRC application in sugar:
*in terminal enter gedit then open and edit the file
in .../Activities/IRC.activity subdirectory. ( install gedit with yum install.)
*add "client.add-channel ('sugar') "lines with the different #channels
inside quotes that you want to open on startup, Then save the changed file.
Now autologon to those channels works on startup
* At boot time, press and hold the escape key to get into Open Firmware.
* In the Terminal activity, execute the command
echo y > /proc/sysrq-trigger

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