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Sources are checked out in this directory and being used to keep final {{Code|.pot}} and {{Code|.po}} files.The hierarchy is:  checkouts/''pootle-project''/''pootle-po-filename-without-po-suffix''/''sources''
Pootle uses this directory as a sources of files to translate, it contains symlinks to files from the {{Code|checkouts}} directory.The hierarchy is:  translations/''pootle-project''/''lang''/''symlinks-to-po-files''
* {{Code|method}} required, the method how to generate {{Code|.pot}} files from sources; supported values are: {{Code|bundlebuilder}} for activities, {{Code|intltool}} for intltool based projects;
* {{Code|layout}} required, ?;
* {{Code|ignore-files}} optional, the semicolon separated list of file paths that are relative to the sources root; if {{Code|method}} is {{Code|bundlebuilder}} this value will be used to ignore while producing {{Code|.pot files}};
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