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==Object Halos==

Right-clicking on any object in Squeak or Etoys brings up a halo of tool icons, as in this image. Different kinds of object may have a different selection of tools in the halo.


Starting at the top left and proceeding counterclockwise, the icons for a Workspace window are

* X, Remove from screen

* O, Collapse

* Eye, Open a viewer for me.

* Rectangle, Make a tile representing this object

* Whirly square, Rotate

* Title

* Box and partial frame, Change size

* Eye dropper, Change color

* Wrench, Debug

* Two rectangles, Duplicate

* Square with corners, Move

* Square with tongs, Pick up

* Menu, as shown below

Most of these are reasonably discoverable. The [[The Undiscoverable/Squeak/Object Viewer|object viewer]] requires further explanation.



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