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Features/Multi selection

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== Summary ==
Implements the ability to select multiple journal entries in the journal entry view and perform group operations (like copy, delete) on them.
== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Ajay| Ajay Garg]]
* Email:
== Credits ==
* [[tch| Martin Abente]] (Initial code patches)
* [[User:M_anish| Anish Mangal]] (Reviving the feature)
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: 0.98
* Development status: This feature is tested to be working quite well in sugar-0.94 based dextrose-3 images. The mainline-ported rpms/patches can be found at
 ** Sugar ::
   ** Sugar-Toolkit ::
   ** Sugar-Artwork ::
== Benefit to Sugar ==
=== Typical copy-to workflow ===
==[Step 01] Initial "Journal" view==**:[[File:ms001.png|800px]]
==[Step 02] Initial "Documents" view==**:[[File:ms099.png|800px]]
==[Step 03] Select an entry by clicking on the Checkbox. The view changes to Multi-Select mode.==**:[[File:ms002.png|800px]]
==[Step 04] More entries can be selected/deselected one by one, or Select-All/Deselect-All may be used==**:[[File:ms003.png|800px]]
==[Step 05] Select Copy-to-Documents Option==**:[[File:ms005.png|800px]]
==[Step 06] An alert pops up, asking for confirmation (Continue/Stop)==**:[[File:ms006.png|800px]]
==[Step 07] If Stop is chosen, nothing happens, and the entries remain selected.==**:[[File:ms007.png|800px]]
==[Step 08] Again choose Copy-to-Documents Option==**:[[File:ms008.png|800px]]
==[Step 09] An alert pops up, asking for confirmation (Continue/Stop). This time choose Continue.==**:[[File:ms009.png|800px]]
==[Step 10] Running progress of first entry ==**:[[File:ms021.png|800px]]
==[Step 11] Running progress of second entry. The message pops up, same as expected as in single mode==**:[[File:ms023.png|800px]]
==[Step 12] Running progress of third entry.==**:[[File:ms024.png|800px]]
==[Step 13] Batch-Operation complete. Now all entries may be deselected via Deselect-All==**:[[File:ms025.png|800px]]
==[Step 14] Final "Documents" View==**:[[File:ms026.png|800px]]

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