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Summer of Code/2017

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Project Ideas
;Brief explanation: Sugar Labs would like a new look for its [ homepage], with the goals of making it more attractive and easier to explore (See link to get more information concerning the [ proposed homepage]).
;Expected results: Deployment of a new website for Sugar Labs
;Knowledge prerequisites: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, JQuery , jeckyl, and/or django
;Knowledge prerequisites: PHP, MySQL, Python, Apache, cron, PHP-Cake, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and git. See [ source code].
|-| valign=top width="15%" style="background:#e3e4e5;" |School Management Backend| valign=top width="15%" | Walter Bender| align=left valign=top |;Brief explanation: Sugar is a desktop and a collection of apps. It has great internal features for collaboration and journaling. But it doesn't have any mechanism for managing courses/curriculum/administrative functions commonly found in "school management systems". It could be possible to overlay on top of Sugar webservices such a toolkit.;Expected results: a framework, a core implementation, and documentation for expanding the implementation.;Knowledge prerequisites: Python, django

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